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What Social Media Platform Should My Business Be On: Facebook

This answer is a lot easier than you think as long as you know your target market. We will tackle 7 platforms this week, today we are focusing on:


You should already have a business plan & marketing plan with your target market or avatar on that document. Refer to that with your ideal client in mind as you read through this quick rundown. Below we will explain the ideal platform for a B2B or B2C business, none of these are absolutes but we do suggest you have a working knowledge of every platform and make time to give each a go. You may be surprised at the results.

Facebook (FB):

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Does your business do more B2C or B2B? Facebook is ideal for B2C. There is a great chance that the decision makers in big business are not there, but everyone else who can influence the decision maker will be. The Administrator, Assistant or obviously the employees.

Example: If you run a coffee service that is B2B you might want to get in front of the employees or mid-management and get them hooked. Create targeted FB ads to people that work in the company offering free bags of coffee.

If you run a B2C coffee company talk about the history of coffee, where your beans come from and have lots of pictures of beans and cups of coffee.

Who: 19-64 year olds make up the majority with a close split between active Male & Female users. 77% are college graduates.

Ideal For: B2C

Tips for all social media platforms:

– No business should have an account with only text updates. Add lots of photos, no matter the social media platform.

– See where the trends are going with each platform. Pinterest has more men signing up, so if you sell to men, get there now and build your presence.

– Understand that LinkedIn is for business, it is not a place to post personal stuff, save that for FB or IG. But throwing the odd one in can disrupt the flow and get the right attention, but tread carefully.

Just start, even if your content is not great, try to keep improving. If your videos are you and your phone, start there. Then work your way up to a tripod, an on camera light, a microphone and maybe a full studio one day if it makes sense. You cannot learn unless you start.

Making social media planning easy.

Using platforms like Hootsuite to schedule posts makes your life so much easier. You can create content offline, re-purpose old or create new content and schedule it to post any day, any time.

Most people have a hard time finding something to post in the moment, Hootsuite takes this stress away and allows you to keep focusing on the tasks at hand.

Contact us to set you up with an experienced Executive Assistant to help you run your social media, create content and to build out a strategy.

Derek Burbidge


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