Creating Your E-Mail Newsletter

Building your lists, whether that is through e-mail or social media is crucial to long term success in your business. You need a way to stay top of mind with leads and past clients. The hard part is you are now competing for their attention because of all of the people and businesses they follow on social media and the amount of e-mails they get in a day. Here are a few key steps to implement on your e-mail newsletter to get a better retention and ROI.

Catchy Title

Instead of ‘How our business can help you.’ Try ‘How VEA Saves You 3 Hours a Week!’ Being precise on what they (the reader) can accomplish is the goal. Even better if you can include a testimonial “How Karen Went to Inbox Zero in 3 Hours.

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Make it Personalized

Use the tools in E-Newsletter software like Mailchimp or Constant Contact to personalize the To/From field. Having it come from your name to their name has a better chance at them opening it. From there make sure their name is in the e-mail at least twice, at the start and at the end.

Short and Sweet

I receive e-newsletters all the time that have 4-6 topics in it, I don’t want to read a newspaper. Finding content for your E-Newsletter is hard, so break it up and send one a week, two a month or one a month but keep it short and to the point. No long lead in story or too many words to say something. No more than 2-3 topics.

Give Value

Don’t try to sell every single time, our ratio is about a 10-15% sales and 85%-90% value. No one wants to buy off of a pushy salesmen and no one wants irrelevant e-mails flooding their inbox that is just trying to get into their wallet. Value can mean new trends, statistics, ideal information for their business, etc.

Call to Action

Every post needs a call to action, meaning a way to get a hold of you if they are interested for more info. If you are sending an e-newsletter that is strictly value, try to send it back to a website blog post rather than a third party.

Review Your Analytics

Most CRM’s have Analytics attached to it telling you how many opens you have, how many link clicks and how many people unsubscribed. That is your audience telling you what they like and what they don’t. Double down on what they like and remove what they don’t.

Your E-Mail Newsletter needs to have little copy and it takes trial and error to find what is really working. Like our blog post on ‘Why Your Business is Bush League’ you can start out with your e-newsletter being simple but you need to refine it by looking at what is working and what isn’t.


Coming up with ideas, writing, and following up on your newsletter can be a very time consuming task. The best way to go about it is to create a list of topics to talk about and spend a day writing them. From there you can schedule them in with your CRM to send at a certain date and time.

If this is one of those tasks you are not good at, or don’t enjoy doing give us a call ( 1.833.832.7767 ) or send us an e-mail to get this energy drain off your plate.

Also make sure to see our content blog posts on ‘Creating the Perfect Landing Page‘ & ‘The Only Way to Sell.’

-Derek Burbidge
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