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Creating The Perfect Landing Page

A landing page is not just your home page or the page someone lands on when they come to your website, it should be a place to capture leads or make a sale. You do that through some type of “opt-in” that captures a piece of their information where you can contact them. Here are a few examples that you may have seen all the time:

  • A free online course for some personal information
  • A free e-book, for your name and e-mail
  • A free hard copy book, you just pay shipping
  • A large discount on a product, service or course in exchange for your e-mail, payment info and creating an account

A landing page can fill the screen or be a very long read with testimonials, snippets of the content, paint a picture of how it will help you or all three combined. (See Russell Brunson of click funnels who does this well.)

A landing page is the start of your funnel for your whole business or a specific product or service you offer. Once you have offered a potential client enough value to the point that they give you their personal info they are a qualified lead.

The Perfect Landing Page

The perfect landing page will have these things:

1.) Testimonials from people who have used it

Real people but you do not have to use their full name, their business name or show their LinkedIn page. A first name and industry can work fine.

2.) Pictures that are related

Try and keep away from low quality photos and make sure they show the products or service and the emotion of the potential client

3.) Call to Action littered throughout the page

Lots of buttons to close the deal. You can use different colors or text on the button to see which works, for example: Buy Now; Purchase Now; Invest Here; Grow Your Business; Grow My Business; etc.

Little copy, get to the point

Do not talk about how great you or your product are, instead talk about how it solves their problem or makes their business stand out, as Story Brand says, make them the hero.

Quick and easy form

Remember this is the start of your relationship. Get what you need and ask for more at a later step in the funnel. To have them fill out a 10 minute form will lose tons of leads. If all you need to start is a name and e-mail address you will have a lot more sign ups.

Avoid these things:

Pop ups

It was always a bad idea to have popups, your landing page should be enough. If you have a lot of people exiting your page, tweak the pictures, content, call to action placement, text…literally everything until you have a ratio of visits to opt-ins that you are happy with.

Selling too much, focus on one product or service

Don’t try and sell every product or service you have in a landing page. Focus on one and speak to your target audience. Straying outside of that will see your close rate drop.

A link that takes them away from your website or makes it hard to get back

If you are talking about how Jim from Business X loved your product, do not link to his website. If someone leaves your website or even the landing page it is hard to get them back.

Using jargon

If they cannot understand what you are selling, they won’t buy it. Simplify by using less words that are clear.

Examples of Perfect Landing Pages:

World Vision:

World Vision, Landing Page, Perfect landing page, examples of good landing pages

Pros: Fantastic before and after

Clear tabs with pictures, quick outlines

Make it easy by already choosing a child for you and quick scrolling if you want to choose someone else

Very hard to click away to an unrelated link

Cons: Too many children to choose from, choosing a lower number would let you know that you only have so many choices otherwise you may keep scrolling

Overall, a very good landing page.

Jeff Bullas

Jeff Bullas, landing page, perfect landing page, how to create a landing page

Pros: Clear call to action

Great tag line

Cons: The testimonial is from the author, a little biased


Hootsuite Landing Page, Great example of landing pages

Pros: Clear and to the point, you know exactly what Hootsuite helps you with

Two clear call to actions with no other links away from the page

Cons: The images are not what Hootsuite actually looks like, which is a shame because the layout is actually very user friendly and easy to use


Geico, landing page, perfect landing page, how to create a landing page

Pros: They have top notch branding, you know exactly who they are so there is no need for useless text

Simple call to action that is not asking for your personal info, they trust their pricing that once you see the quote you will send over everything that is needed at a later step

Cons: No complaints


If you have any other questions or if you need help to organize your inbox with all of the leads coming in please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We specialize in organizing your business and professional life.

If content marketing is important to you make sure you check out our blog post on ‘Creating Your E-Newsletter.’

Derek Burbidge
VEA Pros

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