Making the Most out of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is highly touted as the best platform for business. There is a big push right now to up your team’s content on the platform and establish your own brand. LinkedIn tells you how they want you to do it and many people do not have this information, so let’s start here.

Your SSI Index Score

Your SSI Index score tells you how you are doing overall and in relation to your industry. They break this down through 4 categories that we have summarized below, we have also included LinkedIn’s own slide deck on each category.

Don’t not skip ahead until you have determined your own SSI score.

Each category gets a grade out of 25, with a total score equaling to 100. Your target should not be a score of 100, aim for the top % in your industry.

Establish Your Professional Brand

  • 100% profile completion
  • Add media (slide deck, infographic or video) to your profile
  • Post unique content
  • Interact with your network & content

Find The Right People

  • Use keywords in the search
  • Reach out to 2nd-degree connections
  • Join groups
  • Engage with those who have reviewed your profile

Engage with Insights

  • Post relevant and timely posts
  • Engage with others content
  • Engage with LI news
  • Customize your LI messages, no copy and paste or generic messages

Build Relationships

  • Connect with interesting people and potential prospects
  • Send a follow-up message after the connection is made to get to know each other better
  • Connect with high-level decision-makers
  • Add prospects and follow-ups to your CRM


You probably noticed there were a few redundancies on this list. Engaging with others and posting relevant content are the two most important strategies to implement. Don’t copy and paste or spam comment sections, but engage in an authentic way.

Derek Burbidge
Manager of Sales & Marketing

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