How to Market Your Business Before & After Quarantine

No one we have talked to anticipated this pandemic. Businesses were forced to set up working remotely, with their marketing and sales being completely interrupted. The challenges keep coming and governments may relax the quarantine rules a bit for the summer, but many experts are predicting more quarantine in the fall.

If the rules are relaxed we will have a few months to boost our sales and marketing for a potential shut down looming in the fall.

Relaxed Rules

That can be terrifying for businesses but it doesn’t have to be. If the rules are relaxed there are lots of things you can start doing to prepare your sales, and marketing for potentially another season of quarantine.


B-Roll is generic footage of your business. News footage is the best example. A reporter is talking to the camera about a fire at a house, while she is talking there is footage that comes on of the fire, firefighters, and crowds watching the fire. That footage of the fire, firefighters, and crowd is called b-roll. For this post, let’s use the example of a car dealership.

Example: B-roll in a car dealership can be:

  • Your maintenance team working on a car
  • A salesman talking to a client
  • Clips of a team meeting with no audio
  • A test drive/car driving by
  • Detailed footage of a vehicles features

Having this footage can be used and re-used in all types of commercials or social media content. The more you have the better. You will notice more and more commercials coming out with b-roll, text, cartoon images and one person talking to the camera because companies can’t do normal commercials. Having a large media inventory to pull from will be a huge help in this season.

Corporate & Product Photos

Like the above mentioned b-roll, having high quality images and headshots will help with all of your marketing content. Whether it is your website, social media posts, profile pictures, mailed marketing material, etc. this will give you tons of mileage with the material you have to use and re-use.

Example: Corporate & product photos for a car dealership:

  • Team headshots
  • Lot photos
  • Maintenance department specific tasks
    • Oil change
    • Tire rotation
    • Detailing
    • Multi-point inspection

Focusing on high margin services or packages would be the best way to market these services. Again, the more photos you have the better positioned you will be to handle months of quarantine.

 * For both b-roll and photos, reach out to a videographer and photographer now to get the process going. Once you are able to meet, you can have everything done if the fall has more of the same self-isolation orders.

Business Development in Quarantine

If quarantine comes back in the fall you will be ready to go with lots of material to market your products and services. Here are some more examples of what you can do to help market your business.


Both of the above mentioned can be summed up in the macro as ‘branding’. Everything should be on-brand. In the micro, now is the time to work with a graphic designer to refresh your brand and apply it everywhere. Your website, e-mail signature, e-newsletter, business signage, videos, images, pretty much every touch with your client should have your logo, colors and font applied.

Social Media Content

Create, create, create. Do not try and make a sale, instead focus on giving value and building relationships. Sharing advice, behind the scenes or vlogging through this season will keep you in front of potential clients.

Example: Content ideas for a car dealership

  • Explain in detail the features of a vehicle
  • Feature one of your staff every Tuesday
  • Talk about why ‘service x’ will give you better gas mileage
  • How to properly clean the hard to reach areas of your vehicle

Check out our 7 part series on ‘What Platform Should My Business Be on.’ We discuss:

Create/Double Down on Your E-Newsletter

Engagement is higher than it has ever been on social media. Everyone is at home and on their phones. Use this time to create or double down on your e-newsletter. Every time you have a valuable piece of advice to share, send it to them.

  • Have you started a mobile vehicle service?
    • Let them know all they have to do is open their garage.
  • Did you release a video on properly cleaning in between your seat and center console?
    • Remind them how many fries are hiding down there.
  • Are you booking appointments for a full service detail?
    • Give their car a pampering for when they are back driving again.

Build Case Studies & Testimonials

Your past clients may have more time on their hands so now is the time to reach out and ask for a referral or testimonial. Give them the exact link where you want them to leave the review. If you helped grow their business from ‘x’ to ‘y’, write up a case study of how you did it and ask them to review it. If you get their approval to post, they can be powerful for reaching new clients. You could also change the name of the company if your client would prefer that.


If you have been hit hard like most during this season, hang in there. There is lots we can be doing to continue to move our businesses forward. Marketing your business properly in this season will position you for success when the economy starts up again. Creating content and posting is step 1, however, engaging with every comment and your target market will be the difference between a successful campaign and a not so successful one.

If you need help automating this process or would rather not spend your time on social media reach out to us at any time to free up your time.

Derek Burbidge
Manager of Sales & Marketing at VEA

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