Maximizing Efficiency through Task Automation for Virtual Executive Assistants

Picture it, you just had your kickoff meeting with your Virtual Executive Assistant and are so excited to get started, you have so many tasks that need completing and you want to track their progress.  But…

  • Where does your Virtual Executive Assistant start?
  • How will your Virtual Executive Assistant maximize time and efficiency?
  • Can your Virtual EA utilize task automation?

Lucky for you, you have a Virtual Executive Assistant that is quite talented in this area.

Task automation is using technology to complete tasks instead of manually handling them.  This technology automates time-consuming and repetitive tasks to keep the workflow’s productivity and let’s you and your team members spend your valuable time on revenue-making tasks.

Task automation systems benefits businesses of all sizes.  They can speed up information retrieval and streamline daily tasks.  Streamlining tasks by using automation software can help reduce business errors, improve productivity and free up your valuable time to work on other aspects of your business.  It also creates workflows, therefore becoming more efficient.  Gone are the days where using Outlook to manage tasks seemed to work efficiently.  There is a better way to do it.

At VEA, we like using project management software that is user friendly to both our clients and our Virtual Executive Assistants.  Software such as Monday  are the top-3 preferred software we use.  Each software provides high levels of efficiency to keep track of task progress.  , planning, visibility, productivity, flexibility, and future insights on the tasks you need completing.

Benefits of Task Automation

  • Increased Productivity

The software helps your Virtual Executive Assistant maximize the time in completing tasks assigned.  As most software can be integrated easily with other programs, this allows your Virtual Executive Assistant to streamline tasks more efficiently.  It also tracks the progress and collaboration with other team members within your organization.  Basically, you can see who your Virtual Executive Assistant is collaborating with to get your tasks done and who is collaborating with your Virtual Executive Assistant.

  • Bigger Picture

Finding ways to save money, corporately, is a high priority.  In using task automation software, you can have the non-revenue tasks shifted to your Virtual Executive Assistant which leaves you to focus on the revenue making tasks. As an owner, you take on many “hats”, however, being your own Executive Assistant should not be one of them.

  • Improving Customer Experience

As you are no longer doing the non-revenue tasks, you can focus more on your customers or clients.  While you do that, your Virtual Executive Assistant is in the background making sure that all tasks are done smoothly ensuring you are organized.

  • Consistent and Improved Quality

Using this software will provide consistency and improved quality with the product of work you and your Virtual Executive Assistant have completed. Your Virtual EA will also create templates to easily duplicate new boards with the automation already created.

  • Use of Virtual Executive Assistant Time = Less Billable Hours

By using this kind of software, the Virtual Executive Assistant can spend more time doing the task than planning the task.  This equates to less billable time to you.  Another way for you to save money!

  • Streamlined Information Sharing

To have the ability to share information with the click of a button is what we love to do.  Having transparency within tasks is crucial to your Virtual Executive Assistant.  As they are not able to walk into your office and ask whatever they need to with an instant response, being transparent in the tasks allotted can save time and money.  It will also provide you with accuracy in the completed task.

  • Analytics

Are you the type that needs to see the “hard numbers”?  Good news! Task automation can give you those “hard numbers”.  You pull reports to show where you are at with projects and tasks at any given time.  With such greater levels of insight, this will allow you to make informed decisions.

  • Provide Security

The software provides security against internal and external threats.  It also assists with data backup and recovery options. With the permission levels available you can assign who sees what and what their permissions are. There will be no accidental deletion or edits on boards that your team doesn’t need access to. Unlike pen and paper or certain trials or payment plans in certain software like Slack, your communication doesn’t disappear over time. It can be archived instead of deleted.

  • Centralizes Data Access

It will aid in developing a centralized platform for cloud-based data access, manipulation and storage.  By integrating the software with your established workplace database, it makes it simple and safe for everyone to facilitate quick data exchange.

Use with your Virtual Executive Assistant

As you use task automation software tools with your Virtual Executive Assistant, collaboration is essential.  We recommend that you have weekly meetings or calls to facilitate in keeping tasks on track.  Being clear with your Virtual Executive Assistant in using this software can build your trust in your Virtual EA while clearly communicating projects, tasks and expectations.

You may also use this time to readjust and reprioritize tasks within the software.  We also understand that sometimes there just isn’t enough time to have weekly meetings.  Making good use of this software can also replace having daily or unnecessary check-in meetings with your virtual Executive Assistant by just making adjustments in the tasks themselves.  Your Virtual Executive Assistant will see the changes and act efficiently to complete them. Saving those “this could have been an email” meetings.


Our experienced team of over 75 Bookkeepers and Virtual Executive Assistants in Canada have a vast knowledge base in task automation software. This will help you get up and running quickly with your Virtual EA and task automation software to grow and scale your business.

Derek Burbidge
Manager of Sales & Marketing