Finding a Virtual Bookkeeper in Canada: About VEA

Watching your dollars and cents doesn’t have to cost you a lot of dollars and cents!

Many small to mid-size companies are discovering that they don’t require the services of a full-time bookkeeper. In-house bookkeeping can be costly and there are often wasted hours if you do not have enough work to keep your bookkeeper busy 40 hours per week. This is where a virtual bookkeeper comes in!

VEA is a virtual executive assistant and bookkeeping company with 100% Canadian staff. We offer full-cycle bookkeeping services including:

  • Accounts payable (entering invoices and recording expenses)
  • Accounts receivable (invoicing your clients and receiving payments)
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Credit card reconciliation
  • Payroll and payroll liabilities
  • Intercompany transfers
  • Budgeting and budget reporting
  • Monthly accounting processes
  • Monthly reporting

We have reliable, experienced and dedicated virtual bookkeepers available. Our specialty is long term partnerships that come at a fraction of the cost of traditional, in-house employees. There are no minimums and no guarantees with VEA. You pay only for the time that your virtual bookkeeper is actually working on your tasks. Set-up is quick and easy and you will be amazed at how quickly your virtual bookkeeper becomes a vital part of your team.

Contact us to learn more!

Lanna Thompson
President, VEA
1.833.VEA.PROS (832.7767)

Our Guide to Inbox Zero

Our Guide to Inbox Zero

The initial meaning behind “inbox zero” is because of the brainpower or mental capacity you use towards your e-mail is very minimal. It could mean you have zero e-mails in your inbox, but overall it means you spend less time in your inbox.

Inbox zero was first made popular by Merlin Mann in 2007 during a Google Tech Talk.