Exponential Sales Growth Course

All of our training courses are designed to maximize attendance, engagement and results for all participants (we recognize that your company may have specific needs in these areas and the course includes some customization for your unique requirements).


• Highly engaged sales team
• Defined Brand Promise and key competitive advantages for the organization
• Narrowed sales focus on the right clients and most profitable sales channels
• Unified sales messaging and language
• Improved sales metric system
• Solidified sales communication process
• System for sales goals, budgets and forecasting
• All staff to earn a course completion certificate


At the completion of the training program, participants will be able to:
• Clearly and consistently define the company’s brand promise, business environment, competitive advantages and ideal client
• Accurately measure and track their individual and team performance
• Communicate and collaborate in a more efficient manner
• Be proficient in the communication of the company’s message to the marketplace
• Understand their role in the ongoing sales process, both as an individual and as a team
• Earn a course completion certificate

Course Curriculum

Day 1 (2 hours) = Introduction, Course Overview & Objectives, The 10 Commandments of Sales
Day 2 (2 hours) = Review sales survey results/action items, Higher Purpose discovery
Day 3 (2 hours) = Brand Promise creation, Hedgehog exercise
Day 4 (2 hours) = Defining your Sandbox
Day 5 (2 hours) = Defining your Ideal Client
Day 6 (2 hours) = Elevator Pitch exercise
Day 7 (2 hours) = Creating your Referral Machine
Day 8 (2 hours) = The BHAG System
Day 9 (2 hours) = Sales Metrics exercise
Day 10 (2 hours) = Setting up Meeting Rhythms
Day 11 (2 hours) = Review new sales survey results/action items, Implementing Change
Day 12 (2 hours) = Course review, next steps, completion forms and certificates


A free upfront consultation and needs assessment
An introductory executive team session to identify goals and objectives
Minimum 24 hours of group sessions
Minimum 6 hours of one-on-one instructional exercises
Training program handouts, exercises and tools
Monthly executive team review of progress and results
No hidden fees
Flexible payment plans
Confidentiality agreements if requested
100% satisfaction guarantee

for free consultation
for free consultation
  • For the duration of this program we will work with your sales people and managers on a pre-scheduled basis. You will receive:

    • 12 x 2.0 hour focused facilitated team class sessions
    • Minimum 6 hours of one-on-one individual instructional exercises using the handouts and tools (may be administered personally, online or over the phone)
    • TOTAL TRAINING TIME: 30 hours per participant
    • STANDARD PRICING: $ 2,762.67 per participant
    • Trainee sales survey at beginning of program
    • Higher Purpose – examples of Higher Purpose and defining WHY you are in business
    • Brand Promise – defining what makes this company different from all other companies; what is it’s true competitive advantage and how do we maximize that?
    • Sandbox Exercise – using the strategies developed in Higher Purpose and Brand Promise, this exercise helps to define the key areas and business landscape(s) that the company performs in
    • Ideal Client Exercise – defining the right clients and most profitable sales channels
    • Elevator Pitch – creating a unified sales message and language to the marketplace
    • BHAG – creating a system for sales goals, budgets and forecasting
    • Sales Metrics – defining the best process for measuring sales performance using both ‘lagging’ and ‘leading’ indicators
    • Trainee sales survey at end of program
    • Participant scores from sales survey - at the beginning of program versus the end of the program
    • Results from individual instructional sessions
    • Recorded sales trainee performance measurements and critical numbers
    • Individual salesperson and sales team statistics
    • Participant satisfaction survey results