Process Design and Implementation Course

All of our training courses are designed to maximize attendance, engagement and results for all participants (we recognize that your company may have specific needs in these areas and the course includes some customization for your unique requirements).


• Highly engaged employees and managers (engagement across all levels of the organization)
• Defined processes and measurement system throughout organization
• Company-wide back up system
• Recorded processes across all areas of the business
• Improved interoffice communications
• Create/communicate company meeting rhythms
• Implementing a comprehensive feedback system
• All staff to earn a course completion certificate


At the completion of the training program, participants will be able to:
• Clearly and consistently define the company’s processes and measurement systems
• Accurately measure and track their individual and team performance
• Communicate and collaborate in a more efficient manner
• Be proficient with meetings and use a comprehensive back up system
• Understand their role in the ongoing management of the company processes
• Earn a course completion certificate


A free upfront consultation and needs assessment
An introductory executive team session to identify goals and objectives
Minimum 24 hours of group sessions
Minimum 6 hours of one-on-one instructional exercises
Training program handouts, exercises and tools
Monthly executive team review of progress and results
No hidden fees
Flexible payment plans
Confidentiality agreements if requested
100% satisfaction guarantee

for free consultation
for free consultation
  • For the duration of this program we will work with your employees and managers on a pre-scheduled basis. You will receive:

    • 12 x 2.0 hour focused facilitated company class sessions
    • Minimum 6 hours of one-on-one individual instructional exercises using the handouts and tools (may be administered personally, online or over the phone)
    • TOTAL TRAINING TIME: 30 hours per employee
    • STANDARD PRICING: $ 2,762.67 per participant
    • Trainee process survey at beginning of program
    • Hedgehog Principle – defining what makes this company different from all other companies; what is it’s true competitive advantage and how do we maximize that?
    • Brand Promise Determination – using the strategies developed in the Hedgehog Principle, this tool helps to define Brand Promise for the company
    • Start/Stop/Keep – continuous feedback mechanism that helps all participants move forward with narrowed down processes as a united team
    • Bottleneck Exercise – defining the areas in the company’s processes that are inhibiting efficiency
    • Meeting Rhythms – clearly identifying the frequency and scheduling for department and company meetings and communications
    • Feedback Mechanism - a methodical exercise to uncover the best process for employee and management feedback
    • Backup System – uncovering a system of back up for all processes and responsibilities in the company so that it continues to service customers at the highest level possible
    • Trainee process survey at end of program
    • Participant scores from process survey - at the beginning of program versus the end of the program
    • Results from individual instructional sessions
    • Recorded trainee responsibilities and processes, including measurement systems for each
    • Trainee back up statistics
    • Participant satisfaction survey results