Win Project Implementation & Consultation Services

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Spending Too Much Time and Energy on Specific Tasks or Processes?

Your answer: Our Systems and Operational Process Specialists (SOPS)!

Our SOPS address and solve several common pain points:

Improve Consistency

Ensure that every task is performed the same way every time.

Enhance Scalability

Automation to handle increased volume.

Save Time

Spending hours doing manual tasks? Set up a system to do them for you in seconds.

Reduces Human Error

Reduces the risk of errors caused by human oversight or fatigue.

Increase Efficiency

Get more done in less time. 


Process Optimization:

Analyzing and Improving processes.

Task Management

Organizing and overseeing the completion of projects.

Resource Allocation:

Ensuring the right resources are utilized effectively.

Custom Excel Build

Streamline processes or tasks.


  • Strategy Call: An initial consultation to understand and discover your specific needs and challenges.
  • Customized Plan: Our Specialist will develop a customized scope of work tailored to what you are trying to achieve.
  • Collaborative Approach: You will receive regular updates on the progress and open communication on any changes that need to be made. 
  • Implementation: Our Specialist will begin implementing the plan, overseeing all aspects of the project to ensure your expectations are met.
  • Completion and Review: Prior to releasing the final work for independent use, we will review it with you, so you know how to use it to its fullest potential.
Case Story

Our client regularly sends multiple intake forms to its customers. For years, these forms were attached to emails and sent to individual users. Not only did customers often forget to attach and send back completed forms, gathering them was a manual process, leaving the door open for human error.

Using a combo of Microsoft Office Suite, Power Automate, SharePoint, and Power apps, our SOPS team created online forms that could be updated in real-time and sent out to customers as a simple link. Fewer email attachments translated into fewer mistakes and a welcome uptick in customer compliance.

Versioning issues are now a thing of the past. Information is digitized, eliminating all that copying and pasting that was eating up employees’ time. An error-prone system was cleaned up, and since all data is stored in one place, our client can run reports and learn more about customer behaviour. With just a few small changes, so much was gained.

System and Operation Process Specialist
Industry: IT Services
VEA Service: Online Business Manager and Virtual Executive Assistant

client love

We started with a bookkeeper and then I got an EA. She’s been managing my email and my schedule, doing a lot of research for me, drafting documents… Man, she does everything for me and she’s amazing.


Chief Operating Officer
HVAC Company
British Columbia, Canada