Growing Your Real Estate Brokerage

Growing Your Real Estate Brokerage

If your real estate business is growing with the market, many Realtors find themselves bogged down by admin work. It keeps them from meeting clients and potential clients, slowing their ability to grow their business.

VEA will help you push your business forward by freeing up your time to pursue new leads and bring back sanity to your personal life.

Here are the services we provide for our clients:

  • Answer the telephone, take messages, and forward calls to a licensee
  • Schedule appointments for the licensee
  • Submit listings and changes, as approved by a licensee, to a multiple listing service
  • Organize digital marketing campaigns and manage follow-ups
  • Maintain brand consistency across all online and offline communications
  • Organize and send out e-newsletters
  • Draft advertising copy, promotional materials, and correspondence for approval by a licensee
  • Undertake online research
  • Maintain an online presence and build followings for re-marketing purposes
  • Place advertising
  • Prepare and distribute flyers and promotional information under the direction of and with approval by a licensee
  • Gather feedback from licensees on showings
  • Complete contract forms with business and factual information at the direction of and with approval by a licensee
  • Assemble documents for a closing
  • Perform bookkeeping or office functions, including
    • record and deposit trust funds, including transaction deposits, security deposits and rents
    • compute remuneration cheques and perform bookkeeping activities
    • monitor licenses and personnel files
    • office filing

Who is VEA?

VEA (Virtual Executive Assistance) is a 100% North America company with highly skilled EA’s. We work as low as 20 hours a month. Our EA’s work with you to grow your business.

If you are tired of doing any of the above-mentioned tasks or need to free up more time, please do not hesitate to reach out to us, we are here to help.

– Derek Burbidge
Manager of Sales & Marketing